Learning Styles, Multiple Intelligences And Emotional Intelligences

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Taking into account the learning needs and diversities of all my students, I have made adjustments to the curriculum content. I included choice homework, individual work, small groups and graphic organizers to allow for students who struggle, students who need a challenge and for English Language Learners. Using strategies that can be as simplified or as complicated as I need them to be, allows me to address every student’s individual needs.
In order to ensure that that curriculum is developmentally appropriate for the students, I used Michigan GLEC’s. Additionally, each lesson can be adjusted to accommodate every student. The curriculum also builds on student’s prior knowledge and skills. Students will be asked questions that will cause them to reflect on their previous experiences and be given the chance to apply their knowledge.
In my unit I have nurtured and promoted diversity while honoring each child’s identity. I did this by taking into account the four learning styles, multiple intelligences and emotional intelligences. I included opportunities for students to interact with one another, move around the classroom, work individually and with partners. The videos, songs and activities I included promotes diversity by showing individuals, ideas and actions students can identify with.
The curriculum increases students’ ability to view the world from a variety of different perspectives. The students will use the website ePals.com to communicate with
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