Learning Styles: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences

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There are many intelligences described to us through our lives, all over the world. Does in-telligence decide what we do with our lives, or is one intelligence more important than any other? When we look at Merriam-Webster (2013) for the definition of intelligence it states that it is the ability to learn different or new actions dependent on circumstances involved. So, who decides what intelligence is, and do we know if emotional intelligence, personal intelligence or any other intelligence plays a part in the different styles of learning. Let us explore the effects that intelli-gence has on people, and how emotional intelligence plays a more important role than we think.
The phrase multiple intelligence stems from different studies
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Linguistic intelligence is based on if a person has the ability to connect word patterns and adjust to speaking a different language, and believing that the words being spoken are really what they mean. Interpersonal intelligence is the ability to relate to others, in other words human relations and understanding that another person has feelings and does not interact or speak the same as you or anyone else for that matter. Intrapersonal intelligence is being able to understand yourself, and how you feel when you get angry about things or people.
The one intelligence that sticks out the most to me is emotional intelligence. Emotional in-telligence can fall under each category of intelligence and style of learning. Emotional intelli-gence plays a large role in the human learning style by having a primary place in your mind. Look at what type of learner you claim to be, visual, auditory, read/writing, or kinesthetic do you not rely on your emotions to guide you. Do you believe that emotions such as happiness, sadness, or anger have an effect on how you learn? If you are stressed about being able to make that next house payment, that affects your concentration level, which affects your mood, which in turn plays on your emotions and overall will affect your learning ability. Emotions cause some people to have a hard time learning others may not even be able to learn at all.
Learning how to control your emotions impacts all intelligence and styles utilized to
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