Learning Styles, Time Management And Reflection

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Study Skills INTRODUCTION The purpose of this essay is to cover 3 key areas in Study Skills that will aid the author to develop both in life, and in higher education. Cottrell (2008) suggests a skill is a learned activity.-something you can develop through practice and reflection. You can fine-tune skills, including study skills, just as runners perfect their movement, breathing and pacing. There are many different reflection frameworks to use when learning and one of these frameworks will be discussed in further, detail that aided the author to develop further within the Study Skills module. Reflective practice began with the oxymoron of certain uncertainty which is at the heart of reflective practice. (Bolton 2010) The three areas the author has chosen to discuss are Learning Styles, Time Management and Reflection. These three areas have enabled the author throughout the module, develop as a learner in higher education in preparation for the Return to Practice nursing course. The author has been away from study for several years so this Study Skills module will assist the writer to become familiar once again with higher academic study and succeed in becoming a staff nurse once more. The author kept a learning journal week by week of the progress made throughout the study skills module, this has enabled the author to identify the strengths and weaknesses in relation to studying. It is paramount as Healthcare Professionals to keep up-to-date with continuous professional
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