Learning Styles vs. Academic Performance

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Chapter 1 THE PROBLEM AND ITS SCOPE Introduction Good teaching is based on the psychology of teaching. The nature of the learning process and the laws that govern its operation determin the types of teaching to be used by the teachers. The learner is recognized as the first principle of teaching and learning. According to psychologist, learning is a process of growth and development through self-activity or experience. Every learning situation entails effect. Learning requires a response potential which is sufficient to allow various kinds of behavior. Learning is not complete until the individual receives satisfaction, reward or reduction of tension for the efforts. The individual interacts with forces in the environment; he is…show more content…
Parents care about their child's academic performance because they believe good academic results will provide more career choices and job security. Schools, though invested in fostering good academic habits for the same reason, are also often influenced by concerns about the school's reputation and the possibility of monetary aid from government institutions, which can hinge on the overall academic performance of the school. State and federal departments of education are charged with improving schools, and so devise methods of measuring success in order to create plans for improvement (Bell, 2007). Student's academic performance is a matter of concern to educators, parents, and students themselves. The ways in which an individual characteristically acquires, retains, and retrieves information are collectively referred to as his or her learning style (Felder and Henriques, 1995). Unfortunately, the manner in which children acquire the information to perform well academically is too often ignored. The demographic profile of the students also affects the learning of the students. The students’ parent educational background is one of the factors that affect the learning process. Other than that, the age, gender, family income, also, entails effect in learning preferences of each learner. The researchers believe that this study will discover the different learning styles of the
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