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Control Mechanisms of McDonald’s MGT/330 September 13, 2010 University of Phoenix Control Mechanisms of McDonald’s McDonald’s has become a leading competitor in the fast food industry. They are a household name famous for its signature “golden arches” and “supersized” fries. McDonald’s is an international corporation that manages several hundred independently owned stores. To effectively manage this type of corporation, McDonald’s must use several control mechanisms. Below is an analysis of McDonald’s control mechanisms and how the management functions incorporate them. Managers and corporations use four controlling functions to correct problems and achieve goals. Control is one of the Siamese twins of management. Planning is the…show more content…
McDonald’s has figured out ways to survive a constantly changing economy, ups-and-downs in the food market, and many other business pressures. They have been able to survive as a result from exhibiting quality control mechanisms throughout the company. McDonald’s has involved their employees in taking ownership of their stores. This was done by learning the cultures, the language, and taste buds of people in differing foreign countries. Independent owners of the retail stores have also added their own touch of creating new food menus such as the egg McMuffin sandwich in San Bernardino, California (About McDonald’s, 2009). Managers of McDonald’s franchises can make decisions in offering specials on new food menus and current food menus. The functions in McDonald’s organizational structure allows top level management to make important decisions about the goals and vision of the company, but each division is responsible for carrying them out. The control mechanism deals directly with the planning function of management. According to Bateman and Snell’s book Management: Leading and Collaborating in a Competitive World, planning is “the actions or means managers intend to use to achieve organizational goals.” Using the control mechanism helped McDonald’s plan the business of being a fast-food hamburger restaurant. The bureaucratic control process directly helped McDonald’s refine its organizational

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