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Organizational Planning University of Phoenix MGT/521 Bob Ficken Jr Abstract Target is the second leading retail store in the U.S behind Walmart. Target is looking to be more competitive in the retail market in the next 2 years by changing the way they do business and focusing on what really matters, i.e. The brand they are selling to customers. Target is looking to adapt to the way their customers shop and focus on their legacy while giving the best service possible. Target is successful in ways that have charted the retail industry. They have changed the way they do business by focusing on the environment, their team members, education and their volunteerism in the community. This report will cover the ways that Target has stayed…show more content…
Target is looking to increase reading proficiency, and putting more libraries in schools. Target is well known for their team member’s volunteerism in a variety of communities. They are in hopes of increasing this by $7,000,000 annually. Their goal is to strengthen local communities, and help kids learn, and teach parents to engage with their children to help them understand the importance of giving back. From renovating elementary schools, responding to disasters and reading to students, Target encourages each member to choose an activity that matches their interest. Target has recognized that not only are customers important but giving back to them is important as well, by encouraging their team members to volunteer helps them to understand the importance of why they are in business and that hard work does pay off. Target has been awarded for their dedication, and diligence in the surrounding communities. Target has a great organizational structure and there is no need to make any changes at this time. Since the company started they have managed to stay on task and on track with their plan for building a successful organization. From the President to the CEO, Target has managed to keep the lines of communication open and developing new and challenging skills that work for them. This company was established in 1902, however they have changed with the times, by turning a

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