Learning The Cave Documentary

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Watching this documentary was exceedingly intriguing and I would recommend it for others. A rock slide covered the original entrance creating a time capsule to preserve the beautiful art work and the oldest paintings discovered. Learning the cave was perfectly sealed for thousands and thousands of years brings up several questions and is simply fascinating. They described the paintings as fresh because it looked as if it was done just yesterday but, there was something growing on them proving it was aged. There was also torch scrapings from about 28,000 years ago; scientists were able to determine this with current technology. I would imagine since they found many animal skull remains that it could have been possible some animals were trapped for quite some…show more content…
They believe humans did not live here but, I do not see why not. The protection of this cave and the endless canvas to continue what had been started would have kept myself busy for many years. I would have loved to experience what others did while entering the cave. A man by the name of John inspected the cave first and I have to say he is one lucky guy. Experiencing such beauty and history must have been one of the greatest experiences he may have encountered. For this film no one was allowed to touch anything and remain on the two feet wide walkway to protect and preserve everything. Even the stalagmites were built into the walkway to allow for growth and no damage would be done. Every year my family and I take a weeklong trip up to North Carolina and the surrounding states to visit the mountains. We always make sure to find a new cave to visit to because that is my favorite part of the trip; there truly is a whole new
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