Learning The End Result Of Stress

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Learning the end result of stress I also learned to notice symptoms of stress so that I can catch it early. Symptoms such as high blood pressure, headaches, having high tension, anxiety, procrastination, increase of smoking or drinking, and lack of sleep, all of these symptoms should be monitored by you because they will effect on how you function in the workplace. Noticing these symptoms you need to take action and make changes or the organization needs to make changes. A way that an organization can help reduce employee stress is to redesign the job, putting the right employee with the right job, and share what expectations are. Taking in all this information about stress has really informed in what to be aware of, and in the future…show more content…
To truly improve your ability in the four emotional intelligence skills, you need to better understand each sill and what I looks like in actions (Bradberry & Greaves, pg. 23). Following the strategies that I learned in Professor Girton’s class my awareness of emotional intelligence has increased. Self-awareness strategies that I followed to understand myself more was that I took the time to ask people I know to provide feedback about myself, spot my emotions in films, and know who and what pushes my buttons. Although there are many other strategies, these were just several that helped see who I am. My social awareness has improved where I can read people and tell a certain situation did not go well. By following some of these strategies; stepping into their shoes, catching the mood of the room, and watching body language. Exercising these strategies has helped tremendously with understanding and communicating with people that surround me. Part three, perspective, and I have a fantastic perspective about organizational leadership. I will share my viewpoint, beliefs, and opinion about leadership in organizations. Deeper into my perspective I will elaborate my purpose, motivation, my own mission statement, and in doing so it should portray what objectives and expectations that I hold for myself. Before making organizational leadership my major and enrolling at Northern Kentucky University I was working at a bar and grill called the
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