Learning The History Of Nursing

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Learning the history of nursing is vital in understanding nursing today. How Florence Nightingale changed the history of nursing? Why there is more female than male nurses? Why nurses were considered subordinate to physician? Why the contribution of physicians received more recognition than nurses? Why Filipino nurses is abundance in the United States hospitals? This paper would discuss the part of history of nursing that answered those above question.
FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE Florence Nightingale deserved to be the mother of modern nursing. She saved the reputation of nursing through significant contribution of nurses in the Crimean War. Before, nurses were considered as an unrespectable work where nurses were the “drunken, immoral women, the dregs of society” (Houlihan 1). A person who may rather steal than heal. When she arrived in Istanbul on September 4, 1854, along with thirty-eight white, middle-class female nurses and twenty-eight nuns, she focused on sanitation of the sick ward. They brought the morbidities from 60% to 1%. Through this, Nightingale shows the necessity of nurses in saving lives. She also shows that nurses and women can be statistician too. In fact, she was the first female member of the Statistical Society. She used the data from Crimean War to shows why mortality rate in Crimean was so high. Her contribution marked the beginning of nursing as a profession. Nightingale’s feminization of nursing cemented the subordination of nurses. She thought that
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