Learning Theories : Knowles Versus Kolb Essay

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Learning Theories: Knowles versus Kolb
Sara L. Olson-Howard
Ohio Christian University
September 10, 2016

Abstract The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate that there are different theories based on how an individual learns. These theories are based on individuality rather than a group as a whole. I will compare and contrast the different learning theories as previously determined by educators Malcom S. Knowles which used Andragogy and Pedagogy compared to David Kolb which uses Experiential learning, through interactions and research of this subject.
Each of these gentleman shares a unique and interesting idea that cycles around ones learning capabilities. Knowles and Kolb, each have a different concept of theory on how individuals may learn, are taught, and should be taught, with then end result being the same... an individual’s educational needs being met so that they are able to understand what they have learned and apply it in a necessary manner.
Although both Knowles and Kolb have different theories on how an individual learns or may be taught, I am sure you will agree neither of their theories are of an incorrect nature, after you have read this paper.
Andragogy Pedagogy

The Learning Theories: Knowles versus Kolb
According to Merriam -Webster the definition of learning is “the act or experience of one that learns”. (" learning" Citation [Def. 1]. In Merriam Webster Online, Retrieved September 10,2016, n.d.). Although some people

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