Learning Theory And Its Impact On Education

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Learning is essential in today’s society as education becomes significant as economy advances. How each learns varies, and there are different approaches used for learning. Learning leads to enduring change in a person, and it is quite a dynamic process where the knowledge and skills to the learner are different after the learning.
Learning theories as the conceptual frameworks that describe ways in which information gets absorbed, processed as well as retained in a learning process. Getting an understanding of knowledge development enables the teacher define methodology; to ensure effective teaching, attending to how the learner learns ensures that the practices used by the teacher are enhanced.
Constructivism theory was pioneered by Jerome Bruner who emphasized the importance of categorization in learning. According to Bruner “perception is categorization, conceptualization is categorizing, learning is forming categories, and decision making is categorizing”. Brunner in his theory, Piaget’s idea of cognitive development played a role. Brunner’s early work in the 1940’s focused on needs, expectations and motivation on perception. The work also checked on strategies role in human categorization process as well as human cognition development. He presented his sentiments that children can explore difficult subjects (Bruner, 2009). Bruner later adopted the social and political concept of learning that was influenced by Vygotsky’s writings. He argued on how cognitive…
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