Learning Theory, Prior Attachment Experience Within Early Years And Educational Reporters

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Within this essay there will be a consideration to one key element in detail, with the intention of describing a successful mathematics lesson; with reference to relevant learning theory, prior attachment experience within early years and educational reporters.
A mathematics lesson has many key elements to make it successful within an educational setting, such as hands on learning, the use of resources and use of assessment. This essay will have a core focus on children learning through play with regard to Development Matters. (Early Education, 2012).
When planning practical learning activities, practitioners may come across some difficulties with regards to equal learning opportunities (Atherton, 2013). These issues may include but are not limited to effective differentiation, assessment and different learning styles. It can be suggested from observations on attachment, it is apparent that adapting learning activities to suit the needs of all children can be difficult but these activities can be adapted such as when using number during play, bigger numbers can be used for the higher ability and smaller numbers for the lower ability, Visser (1993) concurs, stating that teachers can meet the need for progress by selecting appropriate teaching methods to match the individual pupil’s learning strategies, within a classroom setting.
As children grow they will develop their own, individual learning style and this can be difficult for teachers to provide for, especially in an…
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