Learning To Read And Write Has Been An Adventure For Me.

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Learning to read and write has been an adventure for me. Speaking English as a second language has been harder than I have realized. When I was growing up my sister was already in her teens and didn’t spend much time with me. I wasn’t to social with kids of my age until I started preschool, so when I did attend preschool I didn’t really have any social skills. I was shy, and very quiet, not speaking or understanding english very well. Within my first couple years of school I was able to quickly learn fluent english and started to develop relationships with my classmates. I couldn’t successfully communicate with anyone in which caused my participation at school to be low. I grew up in a home with all adults, my parents, and my sister was…show more content…
In order to improve my literacy skills I have started a journal in my middle school years. I would write in the journal at least once a week and was able to obtain practice by just free writing. I have always been a visual person therefore I would add color and drawings to my journals. My dad is extremely creative and is the one who taught me how to color in between the lines. He also helped me learn how to read and write in Spanish.My dad and I learned from each other. When a loved one shares the same interest as us we tend to build a bond due to the common interest. Alexie’s father loved books in which explains how Alexie started to become interested in literacy. I feel that because I started to generate a passion for drawing thanks to my dad I began to see reading and writing in a different point of view. In 3rd grade we were able to publish our own books. We got a 20 page book which was blank and we had to write our own story and draw pictures. I actually won a principal’s award because of my story. My story was based on my dad’s hospital stay. All I remember was that each day I visit my dad I drew a picture with him and then wrote a paragraph about what we did that day. My book was called “My Visits To The Hospital With My Dad”. My dad was in the hospital for several periods because of his kidney failure. He is my inspiration, he helped generate my book idea. Each day I
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