Learning With Children And Young Adults Essay

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Explain the skills needed to communicate with children and young adults Effective communication is a vital part of the teaching assistant role. The skills needed are both verbal and nonverbal.It is really important that you give the child or young person the opportunity to talk about their views or concerns and show that you are activilty listening to them, correcting grammar is possible when you restate the sentence correctly, if the child says “I done my bed this morning― you can say “you made your bed this morning well done― so not to make the child feel embarrassed. Making eye contact, good facial expressions, asking appropriate questions prompting more conservation, between either you or within the group, this can keep the interest going on all sides, which can make a young child feel valued and encourages positive relationships which in turn can help a child achieve. If a young child is working at desk come down to their level when working with them,sit on a chair next to them so you are both at the same level, smile, make eye contact, it is quite intimidating when a person stands over a child and can make them feel insecure and uncomfortable within their surrounding, which can lead to negative relationships with the child. When we communicate with children and young people who have learning difficulties we should give them time to process information they have been given, when they are speaking to either a teacher or other members of the class, supporting
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