Learning about Global Warming through "An Inconvenient Truth"

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An Inconvenient Truth is a 2006 documentary directed by Davis Guggenheim that depicts Al Gore’s campaign to increase awareness of global warming. I have always heard of global warming, but have never taken the time to look at the available evidence and develop my own opinion. This documentary not only helped me achieve a greater understanding of the causes of global warming, but especially allowed me to comprehend the consequences humans face if nothing is done. The film consists of Al Gore giving a slideshow presentation to an audience with additional scenes that emphasize the impacts and consequences of our actions that have led to global warming. I have known the basic theory behind global warming since grade school, but since I have …show more content…
Revelle measured carbon dioxide levels in the middle of the Pacific Ocean on a regular basis for many years. He presented his data to Gore’s class only a few years after he started taking measurements, but it was already clear in the 1960s that the carbon dioxide levels of our planet were on the rise. I found it very interesting that the carbon dioxide level rises for about half the year and falls for the other half. This is because plants absorb carbon dioxide in the spring and summer, but are not present to absorb the same quantity of carbon dioxide in autumn and the winter. Gore then describes his political efforts over the last few decades as unsuccessful. Gore describes many small measures that the government took to help the environment; however, he considers these failures because the carbon dioxide level continued to rise and at a faster rate.
The primary reason I find Gore’s campaign convincing is the simplicity of his arguments. He shows the audience a series of photographs comparing various glaciers, lakes, and mountains a few decades ago to what they currently look like. The changes in the environment are clear and they are severe. Gore next shows the audience a graph of temperature and carbon dioxide in the atmosphere over the last 650,000 years derived from ice in Antarctica. At this point in the film, I was already

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