Learning and Change in Organizations

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Learning and Change in Organizations We live in a dynamic world with constantly varying conditions and aspects that influence how we make business operations and manage resources. The varying conditions in different circumstances require a level of understanding that is made possible through learning. This essentially means that learning consistent with the varying condition is in order to stay in touch and articulate matters appropriately. Business operations cannot be expected to carry on in the similar ways as in the past with no considerations of what is happening in the modern world (Pless, 2007). Learning is a process of discovery that generates new understanding about ourselves and the world around us. Strategic learning is organizational learning that improves the strategic capability of the organization and changes the basic assumptions underlying the stable generation mechanism that structures the strategic behavior design process. Organizations have various levels of knowledge and learn at all levels (Stein & Nelson, 2003). The levels of organizational learning interact, making higher order learning such as strategic learning problematic. Change resulting from learning need not be visibly behavioral. Learning may result in new and significant insights and awareness that dictate no behavioral change. In this sense the crucial element in learning is that the organism be consciously aware of differences and alternatives and have consciously chosen one of these
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