Learning and Competencies

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Personal Plan

* Personal education and career goals. My personal education goal is to create a study plan where I can have time to do my everyday activities. My number one thing to do is work. I have to work five days, sometimes six days per week. I found SAMRT goals as a very good tool to create a realistic study plan. Improving my math, writing, and reading skills are some of more important subjects as an English learner student because learning how to write and speak in an academic way is the number one object I should learn to fit perfectly in a professional environment, and because I like math. I also attached to do my best and work hard to get my degree as a personal and educational goal because
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This activity was related to the way I resolve problems. I learned about using critical thinking, like how to resolve a situation and questions to help me resolve the problem in the best way.

* How might you use your personal ethics, your My Career Plan competencies and reasoning aptitude results to guide your academic journey as you work through your program?

As it shows in my results, I will use innovating to create new ideas when working with my learning team and when I am in class. I will organize my goals by using strategy. Adapt to change when there is one and suit the situation. Maintain a positive outlook about school, keeping my emotional feelings if the situation seems difficult, and balance school and personal demands. And I make logical judgments and comments during class
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