Learning and Early Childhood

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Title: The principals and themes of Aistear.

Terms of reference: This report is part of my communications Level 5 5N0690

Method of procedure: In this report I aim to outline the 12 principals and the 4 themes of Aistear.

Findings: Early childhood is a time of great opportunity for learning and development. In these early years children learn through love, trusting and respectful relationships and through discussion, exploration and play.
Aistear celebrates early childhood as a time of being, and of enjoying and learning from experiences as they unfold. This early learning lays important foundations for later learning. Aistear is the curriculum framework for children from birth to six years in Ireland; it
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They learn that as well as having rights they also have a responsibility to respect and help others and to care for the environment

Relationships: Children have a fundamental need to be with other people. They learn and develop through loving and nurturing relationships with adults and other children.

Parents, family and community: They have important roles that greatly influence the children’s overall development. The care and education that children receive from their parents and family is important especially during the early months.

The adult’s role: The adult enhances learning through a respectful understanding of the child’s uniqueness. They alter the type and amount of support as the child grows in confidence and competence and achieve new things.

Holistic learning and development: Children learn many different things at the same time. What they learn is connected to where, how and with whom they learn.

Active learning: They use their senses to explore and work with objects and materials around them. Through experiences children develop the dispositions, skills, knowledge and understanding, attitudes and values that will help them grow as confident and competent learners.

Play and hands-on experience: These experiences help them to manage their feelings, develop as thinkers and language users, develop socially, and be creative and imaginative. They lay the foundations for becoming effective communicators and learners.
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