Learning and Growth Perspective Analysis

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Learning and Growth Perspective Analysis

Companies are interested in developing the skills of their employees in their attempt to improve their performance. This objective is reached with the help of learning and growth strategies. The measures of learning and growth strategies are reflected by companies' financial performance, customer satisfaction, business development, and others.
A measure of learning and growth measure that is of great importance to organizations, but that is difficult to measure is represented by employee satisfaction level. The importance of employee satisfaction relies on the fact that satisfied employees tend to put in more effort in reaching the objectives of the companies they work for. However, this is difficult to measure because employee satisfaction is influenced by several factors.
Employee satisfaction is influenced by their financial motivation, by the nature of their work, by the trust the company shows in them, by their relationships with superiors and colleagues, by the workplace environment, and others. This issue in the case of employee satisfaction is that this is a subjective indicator. In other words, a certain salary level can be considered satisfactory by some of the employees, and small by others. Therefore, it is important to study all employees in order to determine their level of satisfaction.
This is a difficult to reach objective. This is because employee satisfaction also relies on personal factors that companies
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