Learning and Growth Perspective: Futura Industries Case Study

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The Learning and Growth Perspective Introduction Futura Industries is a company that has lots of experience in aluminum design, extruding, fabrication, finishing, and machining. Futura caters to high-end position customers in a broad range of markets that include electronics, floor covering trims, marine store fixtures, OEM, retail, shower door, and transportation (Gumbus & Johnson, 2003). With necessary financial metrics and customer measures in place Futura focuses all its internal processes on quality. Susan Johnson, the President of Futura Industries believes that it is the workers that actually distinguish Futura from the other extrusion companies. Johnson says that Futura does not only need great machines, but it also needs great people. A company's value is directly linked to its ability to learn, innovate and improve (Kaplan & Norton, 2004). Johnson considers that growth, innovation, and learning quadrant is the most important aspect of the Balanced Scorecard (BSC) because the foundation of Futura is made strong by trusted and respected people who are challenged to grow (Gumbus & Johnson, 2003). Futura expects its workers to add not only to the achievement of the company, but to the achievement of customers as well (Gumbus & Johnson, 2003). The Balanced Score Card (BSC) helps Futura attain its mission by bring into line strategy, tactics and measures. The BSC directs the business of Futura by capturing data and visually representing strategies and

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