Learning and Teaching Vocabulary for a Second Language

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“Learning another language is not only learning different words for the same things, but learning another way to think about things.” (Flora Lewis, 2000) For as long as there are languages and for as there are languages, there are people studying and teaching it, but is there one way of teaching a language that is the right way? There are many aspects to learn a language, for the sake of the assignment I have been appointed only one aspect namely: Learning and teaching vocabulary.

In this report I will be comparing my views on teaching with those of an experienced teacher ,a learner and three experts, using: Concept maps, interviews and pre-assigned articles. I’ll explore a little of second language vocabulary acquisition, theories and
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This can be easily achieved by varying exercises and balancing lessons so that none of the elements of language learning is either underappreciated or overly emphasized. This, however, does not imply that I do not believe in repetition, I simply believe that different styles of exercises should be used to convey the same message.

The interview with the teacher - Ad van Bever ESL teacher at vocational college NOVA college in Haarlem - revealed that our beliefs are almost imperceptible - This due partially if not wholly by the fact that I have been his student for the two final years of my standard-issue English education, during this time I also started to consider teaching and the thoughts, theories and methods behind teaching language - Even though we coincide on the importance of time, balance and context while learning vocabulary, or other elements within the language. There are points on which we could not reach consensus.

The two points we did not agree on being: My belief that vocabulary is not primarily learned within the confines of a language lesson, but rather more organically by consuming the language for non-educational purposes. The teacher however beliefs that, if approached correctly, certain vocabulary can be learned within a classroom. He does point out specifically that this only happens if the
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