Learning from Design-based Research

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After I read the Design-Based Research (DBR): A decade of progress in education reseach, I do agree with some points brought up by the writer about the basic features of DBR. It stated that DBR require decade of progress in educational research. Yes, I strongly agree his points of view. As DBR required in-depth review in order to assure its quality and validity of the study. Besides, it also involves multiple iterations which leads to multiyear and multifaceted research agendas such as School Based Assessment Management System (SPPBS) which let teachers to key in data regarding students’ mark for every subject online have been proven workable and used in other developed countries but not supported in our country since implementation. DBR involves theory, problem and naturalistic context and these elements interact with each other in the process of DBR. Or it may called progressive refinement, with each other iteration providing a further refinement of the design in order to test the value of the innovation and, presumably, stimulate the evolution of the theory. This evolution through multiple iterations is one of great challenges in that it is difficult to know that when (or if ever) the research program is completed. DBR also could be characterized as “research through mistakes”. Thus, there is always room for improvement in the design and subsequent evaluation. So, it is then not overly if we put in phrase that DBR is a decade of progress in education

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