Learning to Be Creative: Book Summary and Critique

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Out of Our Minds: Learning to be Creative Summary The summary and critical reflection of the book, Out of Our Minds: Learning to be creative" is presented as follows (Robinson, 2011) There is a dilemma in the world of today. As a child we dream we could be anyone and anything. Our dreams are considered to driven by creativity. However when we have grown up we become more rational and think straight. We don't dream that high and do not think we can become things that as a child be thought we were capable of becoming. In other words we become less creative in our thinking. It is intriguing to know the thing that is the driver to this change. Today the way companies are running has changed. The world is driven by intense completion. The demands for workers that have out of box ideas and are creative thinkers have greatly increased. Organizations across the globe however often complain that there is a serious shortage of such creative thinkers with new ideas. Why is there a shortage of such creative employees? It to answer this question that one should read this book. Ken Robinson has successfully answered this question in his book along with other critical questions to provide an effective solution to infuse creativity; What makes creativity so paramount for the world today? What is required to trigger this creativity? Why do businessmen focus and push towards creativity today? What is stopping creativity to flourish? What is the reason behind so many people
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