Essay about Learning to Ride a Bike vs. Learning to Drive

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Hell on Wheels Palms sweating, heart racing, knees wobbling, mind spinning, and you’re frantically trying to take control. It’s your first set of wheels and they are just begging to be taken for a spin around the block. There’s just one itty bitty little problem: it’s your first time. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s the first time you ride a bike or the first time you get behind the wheel of a car, the sensations can be enough to drive you wild. Even though the rush of adrenaline and the sense of power may have felt identical, learning how to ride a bike and learning how to drive a car may have differed in more ways than most of us remember. While bike riding may feel like second nature to most of us now, it certainly didn’t start …show more content…
Before I got behind the wheel for the first time, memories of my father and his red pickup truck flooded into my mind. He used to let me sit on his lap and steer while he worked the gas pedal, and we would just drive in circles for hours. But somehow, it didn’t end up being as easy as I remembered it to be. I thought I was prepared for my first hands-on driving lesson; I had done rather well on all of the in-class quizzes over laws and basic driving information, I knew where everything in the car was, and I had been asking a couple family members for some helpful tips I might need. Unfortunately, all the homework and advice in the world isn’t near enough to prepare you for the first time you really drive. Having a driving instructor with you in the car feels somewhat like being stalked by a vulture; your every move being meticulously monitored as they wait for the precise moment to swoop down and strike when you’re the most vulnerable. By the end of the mandatory three weeks, all the yelling, crying, and the over-usage of the emergency brakes had done more than enough to scar me for life, but supposedly, I was now prepared to go out and drive in the real world.
It’s conceivable that, in some ways, learning how to drive is much easier than learning how to bike; the required classes teach you all the laws and basic information about driving that you need to know, while bike riding is something you have
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