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LEASE THIS LEASE is made on April 25, 2016. BETWEEN the Tenant(s) TOM AND SONIA SMITH, whose address is 123 Main Street, Northampton, Pennsylvania, referred to as the “Tenant” or “Tenant(s) or “Tenets’”. AND the Landlord JAMES STECKER, whose address is 123 Main Street, Northampton, Pennsylvania, referred to as the “Landlord”. The word “Tenant(s)” means each “Tenant” named above. 1. Property. The Tenant(s) are to pay a monthly stipend which shall be referred to as rent and the Landlord agrees to lease to the Tenant(s) the house located at 123 Main St., Northampton, Pennsylvania, referred to as the “house”. 2. Term. The term of this lease is month-to-month. 3. Rent. The Tenant(s) agrees to pay $1200.00 as rent, for house to be…show more content…
7. Eviction. If the Tenant(s) do not pay the rent within one week after it is due, the Tenant(s) may be evicted. A late charge of $50.00 will be charged. The Landlord may also evict the Tenant(s) if the Tenant(s) do not comply with all other terms of this lease. Even after eviction, the Tenant(s) will still owe for the remaining duration of the lease, including any applicable legal fees and repair costs related to the premises, including the house. 8. Payments by landlord. If the Tenant(s) violate this lease, the Landlord may bill the Tenant(s) for any and all reasonable legal fees in addition to rent. Failure to do this may result in the termination of said lease. 9. Care of the house. The Landlord has examined the entire house and is satisfied with its present physical condition. The Tenant(s) will keep the property as it is at the start of this lease with the exception of deterioration as it is related to wear caused by weather conditions and other normal detriments outside the control of the Tenant(s) and Landlord. Any damages caused by the Tenant(s), or any other persons living at the said resident of the Tenant(s) named in this lease, including visitors, will have to be paid for by the Tenant(s) named in this lease. The Tenant(s) will remove all of the Tenants’ property upon the termination of this lease. Anything that is left behind will be the property of the Landlord and
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