Leasing vs Financing (Leasing vs Buying) Essay

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Leasing vs Financing (Leasing vs Buying) When it comes the time to find a car to drive or a place to live, how do you decide whether to lease or to finance? Chances are most people tend to investigate what the monthly payments would be and choose whichever is cheaper. But do you ever stop to think of all the things that should be a part of your decision? Did you know there are websites out there to help you determine how much you can afford? What your monthly payment would be? There is a lot of information available to you to help make this process an easier one for you. Since finding the right car is something most people do before they find that perfect place to live, lets start with determining the difference in leasing and buying a…show more content…
„P     Is driving a new car more important to you than actually owning one? Are you comfortable with the car payments, year in and year out? „P     Do you maintain your car regularly, keeping it in good conditions at all times? Are you comfortable keeping your car the way it was when you bought it? „P     Do you drive a legitimate business use for you¡¦re your car? Do you plan on claiming you lease pay as a business expenses? „P     Do you drive a consistent number of miles each year? Are you comfortable selecting and following the mileage limit?      If you answered yes to more than three of these questions then leasing may be for you. But remember with all the positive aspect of leasing come negative ones too.      The most important negative to leasing is that at the end of your lease term you must decide whether to turn in the car and walk away or buy the car and take it back home with you. Many people struggle with this decision because neither decision is easy. If you turn it in, you have to get it inspected for any damages or wear and tear on the car over the term of your lease. All thought they do allow a certain degree of normal wear and tear, any excessive wear and tear you have to pay for. Then come miles, when leasing a car you should almost always pay upfront for more miles because chances are
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