Least Depeloping Countries

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Least developing countries are the countries which are poor in agricultural that are seeking to become more advanced economically and socially. Most of the countries are developing, less developed or Third World countries. However, the big difference in wealth and economic development amongst Third countries, the concluding are typically characterised by a low average per capita income, high external debt (to foreign banks and states in respect of loans acquired), a strong dependance on agriculture and other primary activities. CONTENT A serious problem facing LDCs is that they lack the money (sometimes the political will) to invest in business-enhancing enterprises, and to shape up and sustain their physical and transport-related infrastructure. Export and import activity suffers as a result and the countries feel progressively relegated in the international trade field. A contributing factor to this phenomenon is that more than 50% of the population in LDCs is under the age of 15 and therefore not economically active. Yet youths still require basic services (health care, education, etc.) for which the government has to foot the bill. Another restriction to the LDCs getting ahead in the international trade arena is that their governments are often more concerned about getting special treatment from the wealthier countries than developing ways to create more sustainable industries and become more competitive. Frequent political trouble in the LDCs also plays confusion

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