Leatherback Marine Turtle Research Paper

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Assessing the efficacy of direct conservation interventions: clutch protection of the leatherback marine turtle in the Dominican Republic Introduction Illegal egg take is a worldwide threat to the leatherback marine turtle. It affects existing and future sex ratios of the baby turtles, makes physical changes to existing habitats, and drastically changes the population dynamics the leatherback population. Numerous studies have been done to determine what specific effects illegal take has on the population and what effects different conservation measures like artificial incubation, beach protection, and public outreach has on preserving the leatherback marine turtle. This study was conducted to investigate the effectiveness of conservation measures that are geared toward protecting clutches. Materials and Methods • There are five main turtle nesting beaches grouped into two areas: the western beaches of Bahía de las águilas and La Cueva and the eastern beaches of Mosquea, San Luis, and Inglesa. • During 2006-2007, surveys were done on eastern and western beaches to retrieve baseline data on nesting behavior. • Based on the results, different kinds of surveys were done in subsequent years. • Regional specific surveys were done from 2007-2009 on both eastern and western beaches. • Artificial Incubation was conducted for the eastern beaches for all …show more content…

The paper cannot conclusively say that artificial incubation had lowered recruitment on the western beaches because they did not run an ideal environment, taking into account the external stimuli of predation and human involvement. Also, they say that situ protection of clutches on eastern beaches is nearly impossible, but if they researched it further they could find a solution. One thing the paper does do well is say that further research and conservation is need to protect the leather back turtle populations. That is the take home message of the

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