Leave Federal Aristocrats Out of U.S. College Funding

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With the possibility of World War III looming over the world’s head and domestic unrest, federally paid tuition should not become a topic of discussion in a political debate. Evidently, prepaid college is a big topic. Can the citizens of America live with their consciences if they were to accept such an irrational national expense? The United States Federal Government should not pay for the first two years of college for all U.S. Citizens. The U.S. Government does not comprehend the idea of cash flow, but they do understand that the Federal Reserve is there to back up all of the expenses that they acquire. This act would basically add two more years in high school; thus, adding more chances for the national dropout rate to soar even higher. School systems are not the business of the Federal Government; there are bigger issues that must be dealt with before subsidizing tuition. The U.S. Federal Government is already very irresponsible with the nation’s funds. The United States National Debt Clock is just under $17.5 trillion and counting with each passing second. Cash flow is fluid, not a one-way-valve. Funds must come in at the same rate, or faster, than it goes out in order to obtain cash flow. The Federal Government currently has enough difficulties paying out Social-Security Benefits, which has already been paid by every U.S. Taxpayer. According to Cusumano, free online classes through MIT cost $60 million in 2012 and “(…) Open Courseware [has] an annual budget

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