Leave Those Kids Alone: The Case For Long Summer Vacation

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thing so that the students don’t forget everything they learned each year over the long breaks, but protesters of this say that summer vacation is the time where families usually plan their long vacations. The only thing wrong with this reason is that nowadays families don’t plan vacations around the season, and rather when their children are out of school, it just so happens that they are the same time during the year. “Some families appreciate the flexibility provided by year-round schooling, as it can be easier (and cheaper) to plan vacations during off-peak times,” (Leave Those Kids Alone: The Case for Long Summer Vacations 4). With it sometimes being really expensive during the peak summer months, some families choose to take vacations during the other parts of the year and therefore having their kids in year-round school will make it easier so that they don’t have to worry about their kids missing out on school.
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