Leave me Alone!! I'm Trying to Work Out: Annoying People at the Gym

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Everyone hates to gain a few pounds, especially if they were slim a few months ago, and what makes it worse is that summer is coming soon. As we can see, the cold weather is almost over and the warmer weather is almost here. The means that people are going to start going out to the pool, do things outdoors and have a good time. Although we enjoy doing all those things and having a good time, we want to be in shape and have a nice body. Now losing weight can take a few months, so it is recommended to start going to the gym more often. Going to the gym can be intimidating because some of the members that go there can be annoying. Some of the annoying people found in the gym can be divided into three groups, the talkative people, the show-offs, and the haters. The first annoying person found in the gym is the talkative one. This type of person is someone who goes to the gym to run a few laps on a treadmill and use other machines in the gym. A talkative person, usually has a few extra pounds that they are trying to get rid of, and not only that they talk excessively oftentimes they have no idea how to work out properly. Most of the talkative people are not familiar with the right technique to do exercise, which then leads to asking someone who knows, so when a talkative ted ask somebody that knows they end up rambling. Talkative ted starts talking about things that have nothing to do with working out, and it slows down the other person. In other words a talkative person is the

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