Leaves And Yard Debris Research Paper

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A Modest Proposal to keep leaves and yard debris from cluttering yards, overworking children, and chaining homeowners to their property nationwide. Every person who has ever lived around trees knows how they can provide shade, beauty, food, and a safe haven for birds, squirrels and a myriad of other animals. Trees also produce copious amounts of leaves, sticks, pine cones, seed pods, etc. that cover the yard in both spring and autumn. In autumn, many trees become barren and look much like skeletons than trees. A tree’s main function is to provide shade, shelter, food, and beauty. How can it possibly accomplish this when its leaves are scattered across the yard and neighboring yards? This issue doesn’t just affect people who live in wooded regions. It also affects people who have a single tree in their yard or a neighbor has a tree…show more content…
Compost bins and piles can occupy a large portion of the yard and it does not smell as nice as a bright green tree. Fifthly, green trees that last year round will provide homes for birds, squirrels, insects and other wildlife. This could reduce the need of wildlife migrating to find shelter. Sixthly, varnished green trees will provide constant shade. They will also always look the same. This is important to landscapers, who create beautiful designs from plants, who need to know how the yard and facilities will develop over time to minimize conflicts with powerlines and other structures. Of course, there are some who say this idea is foolish. Unfortunately, their ideas are not much better. These critics say that we should take these leaves, bag them and load them onto barges. These barges would move the leaves to third world countries allowing the leaves to compost during the long journey to their new home. Adding this compost will allow the soil in these countries to be nourished thus allowing their crops to grow and improve the countries
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