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Leave and Pass: Policy and Personal Accountably. When used properly, Army leave and pass policy, AR 600-8-10, benefits the individual and over all Army operation. A soldier will be accountable to their unit as to their whereabouts during a period of leave or pass and will return to their place of duty at the pre-arranged time. As a Soldier we live by a high standard of values. And during extended leave, a weekend pass, or a military holiday, we are still expected to live up to these standards and values. In or out of uniform, we Soldiers are expected to act accordingly and abide by our creed. It is our duty to learn and follow the regulations and policy set forth, not just those referring to leave and pass policy, but to all areas of…show more content…
These could include duty driver or CQ duty. A Soldier duties assisting at the hospital, such as Manpower, must not conflict with the dates of scheduled leave. All these areas must clear you to proceed with planned leave and sign the Request Worksheet in the appropriate block. It is the Soldier’s personal responsibility to have these areas clear, up to date and not conflict in anyway with request leave. First and foremost is the soldier duties and responsibility. And the Soldier is responsible for fulfilling the requirement asked of him/her before taking time away from work. As per AR 600-8-10, “A short, nonchargeable, authorized absence from post or place of duty during normal off duty hours is a regular pass. Non-Duty periods of absence, other than the established or normal duty hours are considered as a pass period, to include official holidays.” Just like a request for leave, a request for a pass must have unit commander approval. And a pass period will not exceed 3 days in length. As with a leave, a pass begins and ends on post. It is the responsibility of the soldier to be physically present when departing or returning from a regular pass. Passes and leave may be granted back to back, but it is required of the soldier to return to area of duty to officially terminate the pass period before starting on the scheduled ordinary leave dates. Regular passes may not be granted back to back.

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