Leaving Mexico To Fin For Its Self Even With All The Debt

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Leaving Mexico to fin for its self even with all the debt it owes was not part of the United States plans. They organized a way where they not only benefited but help dragged Mexico out of the mess they made. By teaming with two of the most powerful nations in world Mexicans would be able to grab hold or its own country and form a Mexico is a middle-class. businesses. As a result, modern Mexico is a middle-class country (Steffan, 2017). The World Bank estimates that some 95 percent of Mexico 's population is in the middle or the upper class. (O’Neil 2013) Mexico was able to utilize its resources to help fulfil needs from the United States. This made it so there was an industry to focus the succeeding in the huge numbers. “NAFTA gave a…show more content…
Looking at the numbers from 1993 until today it proves that this out reach program from these nations greatly benefited they economic and political development. It helped Mexicans put their labor to use and contribute to the worlds revenue. These statistics depicts a time line that demonstrates the progression by more than five hundred percent. This is outstanding due to the two decades it achieved all of these accomplishments in. The two countries accounted for 34% of total U.S. exports in 2016. In imports, Canada and Mexico ranked second and third, respectively, as suppliers of U.S. imports in 201 (CRS Reports 2010). Even with Mexico coming in second and third on the import chart that is still astonishing for the fact that it had one of the most tremendous crisis in the world. With over 30 percent of its people being in complete poverty. The Mexican nation was still able to pull together and create a bond which helped them not only make amends to the debt which was owed but also take back it’s nation and build it to the strongest it has ever been. With the massive lost in the previous year’s Mexico was able to create a democracy unlike anywhere else in the world. It may not have been a pure democracy but the people were able to vote for its leaders and political parties came about. “Their were different political parties which the people acknowledge to support the rise of this new economic development era. One party in particular is the
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