Leaving New York City for the Farmlands of Illinois Essay

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| Case: Leaving New York City for the Farmlands of Illinois There are a lot of things to consider before making a career changes, especially one as big as uprooting yourself from the business world in a major city to moving to rural farmland, learning a new trade from the bottom up. It is crucial to research your options before making any decisions. The advice from your colleagues in the text does bring up some really good points. If the article in The Wall Street Journal holds to be true, now would be an excellent time to get into the farming business producing corn crops if there is going to be an increased demand for corn to produce corn-based ethanol as a gasoline substitute. If there will be an increase in the demand for corn, the…show more content…
Assuming that the 80 acres of farmland do not come with all of the equipment needed to grow and harvest corn crops, there will be an additional investment beyond the $80,000 for the land in terms of both time and money. If you do not have the additional funds to not only purchase the materials and hire the manpower to get the farm up and running, but also the funds to sustain your likelihood while waiting for the crops to turn a profit, you would find yourself in quite the predicament. There are alternatives to obtaining these additional resources, such as taking out business loans or finding a business partner, but these added expenses may in turn cause additional stress in your life, defeating the purpose of moving to Illinois seeking refuge in a more peaceful environment. I also believe it is important to research the corn crops and corn-based ethanol a little bit more before jumping into a decision like this. According to the 2014 Illinois Crop Budgets corn crops “have lower returns than received in recent years,” suggesting that incomes will be down for corn farmers in comparison to previous years (Schnitkey, 2013). Even with the increased demand for ethanol, knowing that projected incomes are potentially in decline is something one should not take lightly before making such a drastic career
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