Leaving The Yellow House By Saul Bellow

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Saul Bellow wrote many novels; one of his novels “Leaving the Yellow House” is about an elder woman who lives in a yellow house and is incapable to take care of herself. Her neighbors tell her that they will help her only in return for her house. The Rolfe’s are the only neighbors that really care about Hattie and do not want her house in return. “Leaving the Yellow House” was one of Saul Bellow’s most known short story. When Bellow was young he was hospitalized for a while. The time he spent in the hospital was where his interest in literature grew. When he was in school his friends influenced him to write. He became so interested in writing that he dropped out of college to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. Bellow served as a…show more content…
Darly is a sixty-eight-year-old man who works at a dude ranch. He recklessly causes Hattie to break her arm and never apologizes. As the story goes on he and Hattie are seen as acting differently towards each other. They have less patients for each other. They do not like the new changes. Pace is one of Hattie’s Neighbors, and runs a dude ranch. When Hattie is in a car accident he offers his help by giving her a monthly check. He said he will help if she leaves her house for him once she passes away. Helen Rolfe is one of Hattie’s neighbors. She and her husband go on many vacations and have luxury cars. Hattie feels bitterness towards her because of the calm life that Helen lives. Jerry Rolfe is one of Hattie’s neighbors and is the husband of Helen Rolfe. He is Hattie’s only real friend. He is also the only person who understands Hattie’s Pride. Jerry tries his best to help Hattie when she breaks her arm. Him and his wife have been taking care of Hattie, but is unable to find someone to care for her like him and his wife have been. Amy Walters is a self-sufficient miner’s widow. She lives twenty miles away from Hattie. Jerry Rolfe tells her that she should move in with Hattie. Amy is a woman capable of taking care of herself. She will only move in and help Hattie in return for her house. Conflicts that occur in this short story are Hattie vs. neighbors and Hattie vs. decision. In Hattie vs. neighbors, her neighbors only offer help
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