Lebanese Brain Drain

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Lebanon is facing a critical economic situation. The economic crisis is encouraging Lebanese citizens to emigrate, leaving their country, and their families behind. Statistics showed that “most emigrants are mainly men between the ages of 20 to 44”, Safieddine, Assem (2004). Also, by losing Lebanon’s middle class, Lebanon is becoming more deprived of productivity and development. Since the most educated people are the most common emigrants, the government should put more effort into improving Lebanon’s current situation and provide proper representatives to assess the country’s social, political, and economical problem. Emigration has come to have a few causes. One cause is economic, which is because of the lack of opportunities and…show more content…
Emigration has always been a common thing in Lebanon. There is no doubt that after the war ended in 2006, tension grew stronger in Lebanon. Massive assassinations and demonstrations then began, and drew the country into civil war. Many of the emigrants who left never came back, and more are leaving as conflicts are increasing. Almost every Lebanese now carries much uncertainty, not knowing if another fight or political crisis will begin. Not knowing whether Lebanon will have a better future is turning into a burden and is pushing people to have enough of living in the way they are today. Lebanese people have had enough of the tension, and the grief towards their country. Lebanon has always been known as the country filled with beauty, having it all; sea, snow, mountains, and urban areas. Now it is known as the country that is losing hope as long as the government and politicians don’t get along to unite the country once and for all. Every family across the region, hopes for a better future, and wonders if that day will ever come. The temptation of a better living abroad with great living conditions along with political stability is draining our country’s economy. Opportunities outside Lebanon are luring our graduates and educated people to fit positions around the world when they should be productive in their home land and invest their time and effort into the country they represent. Educated people need to stay and take care of
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