Lebron Hairline: Panama Canal

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* Lebron hairline straighter than yours. * Her hairline was as deep as the Panama Canal. In fact I thought I saw a ship sailing through yesterday. * For years she walked around with a crooked hairline. After three operations the plastic surgeons finally got it straightened out. Now they have to go back in to straighten out her face. *Yo hairline is like John Cena "You can't see me" * They had an amber alert for yo hairline * Yo hairline look like tangled up Christmas lights * Yo hairline is hibernating for the winter * Yo hairline look like my grandma after taking a shower; unattractive and wrinkly. *Your hairline is like an onion, it makes me cry. *Your hairline is like Tupac Shakur, gone. *When fetty wap saw yo hairline he said not again.…show more content…
*Kobe retired because he saw yo hairline. *Whenever curry misses a 3 it’s because he saw yo hairline. *Your hairline is so deep I can see what you’re thinking. *You got yo hairline at walgreens, off-brand. *When flo rida saw yo hairline he said don’t come in my house. *Yo hairline looks like the constellations. *Yo hairline was made in china. *Yo hairline looks like a
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