Lebron James And Klutch Sports Case Study

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LeBron James and Klutch Sports Group

LeBron James is considered the best basketball player in the world. You could ask almost any one and they would know who he is, but where did he get his start? LeBron James has been with a couple agents in his career already but seems to have found the perfect fit with Rich Paul. Rich Paul is a long time friend of LeBron they both grew up in Akron, Ohio together. Rich Paul started the agency Klutch Sports Group, Paul only has a view other clients but when you have LeBron as the face of your agency things are definitely going well.

The services that Klutch Sports for LeBron is definitely full service. LeBron is definitely a full service client. When talking about the amount of income LeBron can produce any Agency will do what ever it
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That can come in many different ways from commercials, movies, endorsements, winning games, winning championships, and winning awards. With a client like LeBron you have a very good chance to be getting almost all of theses every year. Agencies also expect that their client do well off the court as well. With the way media and technology is so commonly used today it is very important that clients of the Agency do not do things to jeopardize the positive view of him or herself or the agency.

LeBron makes easily enough to have his deal be considered a “fair” deal. LeBron could definitely be making a lot more money then he as at the moment, which might sound absolutely considering the $70 million he makes annually. When you look at what LeBron has done in his career you can see how he could definitely be making more money. He is the face of the NBA right now, he is also the face of Cleveland, Ohio, and he is the face of Nike. The amount of recognition that he receives is incredible. If LeBron were in a commercial you would most likely remember it more than if it was just a random
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