Lebron James Character Analysis

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One instance I can recall when I displayed relationship management was during high school when I was on a club team. The team was comprised of 15 young men who were all unfamiliar with one another, which lead to a lot of conflict in the beginning. This is because many of us came from different backgrounds and personalities. This meant we clashed many times and had many conflicts due to high competitiveness. As we started to understand each other, our bond as a team continued to strengthen. Therefore we were able to communicate and handle our conflicts effectively from there after. It was crucial for us to come together and build our relationship and understand our to manage each teammates personalities to achieve our team goals. Our coaches also played a major role and provided great leadership.…show more content…
For being the best basketball player on the planet, and undoubtedly the most unselfish superstar. As mentioned before although LeBron is the best player, his best trait is he ability to make others better. He empowers his teammates which in turn makes them perform better, which results in accomplishing their team goals. LeBron James is constantly displaying referent power therefore this trait is then passed on to his teammates, who emulate that same unselfishness. Therefore, this causes the team to respect LeBron as a team player and feel like everyone had a impact on the team’s
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