Lebron James: The Most Influential People Change The World

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Influential people change the world with their words, influences people takes risks and try harder in people’s life. Lebron James once said, “Don’t be afraid of failure; this is the way to succeed.” Lebron tried to tell people that they don’t need be afraid to fail even he does. Also, he is one of the greatest players ever and he still is succeeding throughout his life. Failure is what lets us people know what we did wrong and how to succeed next time. Another, quote by Ray Lewis says, “All I know is the grind.” Ray said that hard work pays off, and him working hard getting the grind is paying off for him because he is a very successful football player. He wants people to be successful, so he told them how he did it so that they could follow in his footsteps. Drake says,“Life can always change, you just have to adjust.” Overall, This quote just tells us life will change no matter what, so we need to figure out a way to get through that change. Like when Drake’s life changed when he became a famous rapper, he adjusted and wanted to be better. Now he’s more famous there will be obstacles in our path just find a way around them. Those influential people have quoted…show more content…
Lebron James once said, “Don’t be Afraid to fail this is the way to succeed.” This quote has many reasons he tells us with all his achievements he has failed as well it’s a normal person thing to do. Failing will give us knowledge on what he or she did wrong and that person will have a idea how to fix it and then you can start winning or succeeding in life. Maybe a person can’t find a way to succeed or win by failing maybe that’s just not something they’re good at but on themselves know what they’re good at and take matters into our own hands and fix that. Go pick something yourself loves or good at but if you’re okay with losing than that person is probably not a
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