Lecore Ritche Murder Case Study

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The murder of charley chew was a difficult case, but I believe I have found the perpetrator; Ginger Snapzs. LeCore Ritche is clear, he did admit to having an argument with Mr. chew(as Marsh Mallow claimed) but a text message was discovered of Mr. chew and LeCore apologizing, for there arguing therefor leaving no motive for the murder. In the same way as LeCore Ritche, Marsh mallow is innocent because he was in the break room with LeCore Ritche from 11:15 to 11:35 when the crime was reported at 11:30, which means he was in the break room during the a result of marsh mallow and lecore ritch are not guilty that leaves only Ginger Snapz to be gulty of the crime.for one she was at the scene of the crime first and reported it to officials,
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