Led Singpelin Counterculture

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Led Zeppelin Rocks: Protestors Roar
Each new music genre introduces the counterculture or opposition of previous generation’s values. Led Zeppelin sparked the beginning of the heavy metal culture-- the counterculture to psychedelic rock. The anti-war movement was also prevalent in this counterculture. Led Zeppelin and the Vietnam War influenced the new, darker, generation of rock: heavy metal.
May Day Thousands of protestors congregated in Washington D.C. on May 3rd, 1971. After two days of protest prior, federal troops finally made an appearance. The government placed over ten thousand troops in various locations in Washington DC. According to David (2007), “25,000 young radicals set out to do something brash and extraordinary: shut down the federal government through nonviolent direct action.” The result—about 7,000 protestors were arrested. The largest mass arrest in American history. Known as May Day, this date is still well known today (Network, 2012).
Led Zeppelin Meanwhile, in Copenhagen, Denmark, Led Zeppelin Performed on their 1971 European Tour. The band was not politically inclined; however, they were, and are, very influential in music. Along with Black Sabbath, they are often cited as the Godfathers of Heavy Metal. Obviously extremely popular in the 1970s, they are best known for their influences in heavy metal despite having a diverse musical style (Fast, 2016).
Led Zeppelin was formed in 1968 by Jimmy Page. They were originally called the New
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