Lee B Thomas Executive Summary

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In 1948, Lee B. Thomas, along with a group of investors bought a residential lighting fixture company from the Moe family of Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin. The company had sales of about four million dollars annually. The name was changed from Moe Brothers to Moe Light Inc. in 1949. In 1952, production grew with the purchase of the Star Lighting Fixture Company in Los Angeles and the opening of a lighting factory in Princeton, Kentucky. The company really started to grow in 1953, because of the merger with the Electric Sprayit Company in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. The Electric Sprayit Company specialized in portable paint spraying equipment, reciprocating blade power saws, and bathroom cabinets. By the year 1955, sales grew to a volume of over 18,500,000. Thomas stock was first…show more content…
Gardner Denver Thomas in Monroe is currently certified in ISO 9001. This means that it meets the minimum requirements of an international standard to assure consistent delivery of quality products. Their commitment to these standards not only helps with quality, it also helps reduce their cost by improving their process to manufacture their products. The ISO 9001 certificate helps insure their clients that they are committed to keeping cost down, quality at its highest, and their products will have least amount of impact on the environment as possible. With this ISO 9001 certificate comes several audits that helps to insure they are complying with their commitment to quality. These audits go hand in hand with their vision statement: “Through our clear customer focus, relentless innovation, and passionate performance culture, we aim to be the industry’s first choice for flow control products, services and
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