Lee Brown ILM Level 3 Developing Yourself and Others Assignment

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Developing Yourself and Others Background. I currently work for Tactical Solutions representing a growing Milk brand in the UK, A2 Milk. A2 Milk offers an easy to digest milk alternative that is the only natural milk type in the category. Our challenge is to educate staff and customers in store about our brand and why they should choose our milk over Soya, Goats and Lactofree options out there and the benefits we offer consumers such as being the only natural milk that IBS sufferers can digest amongst others. My role is to lead a Southern based field sales team to drive sales across the Tesco and Morrisons estate whilst ensuring they have the right knowledge and tools in order to complete the task in hand. I need to complete…show more content…
AC 1.3 By completing this SWOT analysis the potential barriers for myself in to delegate more tasks to Simon, however this will mean that I will need to give close support on how to improve Simon’s skills using Excel and PowerPoint in order to give him the necessary knowledge and tools in which for Simon to develop these and take the workload from me. In order to provide Simon the required level of knowledge an initial day of training will need to be undertaken between Simon and myself in order to overcome this and will then ensure that once Simon has the skill set needed to take this on, develop this himself and allow Simon to get more creative with the responsibilities he can begin to undertake. Further training will be provided by ensuring Simon attends further training provided by Tactical Solutions to its managers on Excel and PowerPoint. By doing this it will assist me in becoming more of a delegator to Simon whilst using my strengths in coaching Simon and help him become competent in using technological programmes and becoming a more creative thinker to help evolve

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