Lee Newton's Argument And Events

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The audience is the goal. Lee Newton, CEO at Media 10, explains why keeping the audience in focus should remain the target for all in the industry. Refreshed from the summer holidays, we are resuming a busy calendar of events this September. The industry has put its expertise and efforts into creating winner events, maximizing exhibitors’ returns on investment and enhancing visitors’ experience. Crucially, for all of us in the industry, success will depend on a number of elements relying on the symbiotic relationship between venue and events’ identify. Each show has its unique audience and identity; and events’ organizers have to meet their needs to guarantee it continues running and generating outstanding returns. At Media 10, we have a reputation for thinking outside the box and successfully reviving events. Adopting a fluid mindset and a ‘can do’ attitude has granted us excellent returns for exhibitors plus enhanced experience and value for money for our visitors. We believe that focusing in understanding our audience and delivering in their expectations are crucial steps to create and maintain successful events.…show more content…
We have to think together and cooperate to maintain a healthy and thriving body. The scenario in the industry has turned increasingly competitive with the rapid changes in the venue landscape, for example. In London, the demise of Earls Court has unmistakably pressurized the events industry. Considering that the venue hosted around 30% of the capital’s events, suddenly the demand for venues increased and, inevitably, a rise in venue hire prices followed. Contracts working on a rolling basis were reviewed and exhibitors had to adapt to this new
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