Lee Vs. Grant A Comparison Of American Heroes

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Lee V. Grant a Comparison of American Heroes By the end of the Civil War, much of the country thought of General Robert E. Lee and General Ulysses S. Grant as personal heroes. Despite the outcome of the war, both the Union and the Confederates looked towards their leader with admiration. Both men were viewed as spectacular fighters, who were smart and strategic during the war. However, despite similarities between the two Civil War generals their differences in background experiences, personality traits, and personal underlying aspirations made them not only opposites of each other but the perfect champion for the people they were chosen to lead. Even though Lee and Grant both attended the US Military Academy at West Point, the backgrounds that sent them there as well as the events upon leaving differ greatly. The childhood experiences that worked to mold the two different individuals into men were completely different. Lee was the fourth of child of Ann Carter and Colonel Henry Lee, a poor Calvary leader during the Revolutionary War and an ex-Governor of Virginia. Despite being raised with the elite Lee worked hard but still had little money for college. He was left to follow father’s footstep in the military by attending West Point Academy (PBS.org 1). Grant was born Hiram Ulysses Grant to Hannah and Jesse Grant, a tanner. He failed at almost everything he attempted including chores. His only exception was his interaction with horses. His father quickly discovered he

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