Leed Certification Essay

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The future of the construction industry is dependent upon the ability to transform the practices of successful businesses into leadership programs that are able to successfully complete LEED construction projects. The ability to complete these projects at a high level of expertise will help utilize green practices in the industry to reduce building emissions and the buildings carbon footprint on the planet. . LEED projects are defined by sustainability. The definition of sustainability is providing for the needs of the current generation without compromising the ability of future generations to provide for their needs. Providing healthy, resource – conserving, energy-efficient buildings. “Green” building. Through this paper I will …show more content…
These benefits can be accomplished for a minimum cost of around 3% of the construction price. LEED buildings achieve higher occupancy rates and lower capitalization rates potentially reflecting lower investment risk. These buildings use resources more efficiently compared to conventional buildings simply built to code. The buildings produce a healthier work and living environments which generally contribute to higher productivity and improved employee health and comfort which in turn is more profits for the business occupying the building. When a LEED rating is pursued, the costs of construction and design rises. There are many points in the construction process that will need additional time for research, design and education is a process of undertaking a LEED project, these additional costs can be effectively mitigated by the savings in time due to the lower – than – industry standard operating costs.
LEED projects have specific documentation requirements such as: A. Applications are reviewed by a third party based on a series of templates and spreadsheets provided by the project team B. Many times some or all of the following documents may be required by the contractor: 1. Detailed breakdowns of material types, costs, weights, that may be used to calculate the percentage of
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