Lee's Trauma Case Study

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The proposed treatment plan is appropriate as it provides concrete goals, objectives, and tasks that will allow Lee to focus on his anxiety as it relates to avoidance of his trauma history. While the homework tasks have been modified to incorporate his knowledge and use of technology, he may not engage in the activities if the activities employ thoughts or feelings related to his trauma experience as it his tendency to avoid these thoughts and feelings. His direct support staff are available to him to assist with homework if the task becomes daunting for him; however, it is unlikely that he will immediately seek staff out for assistance due to his lack of trust with others. This plan does not incorporate the administration of medications which is consistent with Lee’s desires to avoid using them. However, the level of anxiety he experiences is significant and displayed frequently, therefore, medications may be needed. Additionally, if his anxieties are continually engaged in therapy sessions, this may slow down the progress of therapy and additional sessions may be needed.
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