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Left Behind Misty Dennis GEN499: General Education Capstone Leslie Ruff October 11, 2015 The heartache of losing someone dear to us is a pain that most of us will unfortunately experience at some point in our lives. Comforting someone who has lost a loved one is not an easy endeavor, as finding the right words to ease someone’s pain is no easy feat. Now, imagine comforting a mom or dad, sister or brother, spouse or child of someone who intentionally took their own life. Not only does the family and friends of the suicide victim feel the shock of loss, but also they may feel that they failed the victim in some way, did not see the signs, and feel guilt that they should have seen this coming. Coupled with their own guilt,…show more content…
I was rendered mute by the enormity of this act of self-murder (Chassay, 2006). This article shows us that not only family and friends are affected by suicide, but trained professionals in the area of depression and mental illness have a hard time coping also. STIGMA Researchers have come across evidence that suicide survivors do indeed suffer from stigma in the community. According to the Surgeon General’s Report stigma is “manifested by bias, distrust, stereotyping, fear, embarrassment, and/or avoidance of the stigmatized individual or group “(US Department of Health and Human Services, 1999). Many religions specifically condemn suicide as a sin, therefore suicide survivors may not be inclined to share the way their loved one passed away, due to being ostracized. Instead of sharing their feelings, suicide survivors may be inclined to keep their thoughts to themselves, isolating themselves from the outside world. The fear of being judged by someone else’s actions has taken away some of the survivors ability to grieve properly According to one research “The suicidally bereaved group reported higher levels of General Grief, Loss of Social Support, Stigmatization, Responsibility, Rejection, Self-Destructive Behavior and Unique Reactions when compared to the other four bereavement groups (Silverman,Range & Overholser, 1994). This study indicates that suicide survivors do indeed feel stigmatized,

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